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Webinar Session 6 

Clinical Case from University Hospital Bonn

with Julian Luetkens, University Hospital Bonn, Germany

Webinar Session 5 

Mastering the challenges of fetal CMR

with Marjolein Piek, Lund University

and Roland Cronenberg, Medical University Vienna

and Munes Fares, Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas

and Sophia Stöcklein, Clinics of Munich University

Webinar Session 4  

Step by Step to 4D-Flow Imaging

with Malenka Bissell, University of Leeds

and Alexander Barker, University of Colorado

Webinar Session 3  

Implementing fetal CMR as a diagnostic tool

with Eleanor Schuchardt, Rady Children's Hospital

and Lorna Browne, University of Colorado

and David Lloyd, St. Thomas Hospital, King's College London
and Erik Hedström, Skåne University Hospital, Lund University

Webinar Session 2  

Mastering the technical challenges of fetal CMR​

with Shuo Zhang, Philips Clinical Science MR and Luis Gonçalves, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Webinar Session 1  

Step-by-step guidance for fetal CMR planning

with Thomas Vollbrecht, University Hospital Bonn and Björn Schönnagel, University Hospital Hamburg

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