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explaining smart-sync

The innovative,
fetal smart-sync

Empowers you with greater diagnostic confidence and state-of-the-art parental counseling. *

smart-sync enables a brand-new kind of image quality providing valuable information for your diagnosis and allowing the parents to understand what's happening.

*Salehi et al. (2021): Utility of Fetal Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance for Prenatal Diagnosis of Complex Congenital Heart Defects; JAMA Network Open.;

4(3):e213538. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.3538


Problem solved

For the first time, the innovative smart-sync delivers instant crisp images of the fetal heart.

The direct synchronization of the fetal heart cycle with the MRI System provides access to pin sharp imaging - both intracardiac and extracardiac. That way, you can examine function, morphology and hemodynamics.

We are
CE, Health Canada and FDA certified!

Assisting on all levels

MRI Cine Image of a Fetal Heart

Physicians gain greater diagnostic confidence through crisp images, enabling effective counseling and thorough delivery planning.

Fetal Smart Sync reassuring parents during pregnancy

Parents are reassured with a better grasp of the diagnosis thanks to more understandable imaging.

Smart-Sync helps you stand out in prenatal diagnostic

Working with one of a kind MR technology allowing you to stand out as a pioneer in prenatal diagnostic.


Integrates easily in your clinical workflow

smart-sync detects cardiac motion and synchronizes the fetal cardiac cycle with the MR image acquisition. In that way, fetal CMR becomes possible and can be used for anatomical and functional imaging.

The quick setup in less than three minutes requires no special training. smart-sync utilizes standard cardiac MR sequences, being a plug and play solution that can be easily incorporated in your daily workflow. Its clinical utility is proven: smart-sync helps with delivery planning, organization of early postnatal care an provides valuable information for parental counseling.

Workflow Anchor

Hear from Doctors using smart-sync

Read how doctors are using smart-sync in their clinical practice and in which cases fetal cardiac MRI is of additional value.

You can find all case reports and customer experience interviews in the download section.

Hear from our Doctors

smart-sync provides the cardiac gating signal that is necessary to run standard cardiovascular MR sequences with diagnostic quality. - PD Dr. Björn Schönagel Radiology Specialist

Northh x Zurich - Aortic Arch

Aortic Arch - University Children's Hospital Zurich

Lorna Browne

"Therefore, in my opinion, any practice doing fetal cardiology and fetal MRI could potentially benefit from smart-sync." - Dr. Lorna Browne, Colorado Children's Hospital

Case Report

Dextroposition of the fetal heart & CoA - Phoenix Children's Hospital

Case Report

CC-TGA - University Hospital Bonn

Jin Yamamura

"The application of smart-sync for fetal cardiac MRI allows the translation of standard cardiac examination to the prenatal examination" - Prof. Dr. Jin Yamamura Radiology Specialist

Doctors about smart-sync

Benefits for the entire team

Every member of your team will profit from the use of smart-sync

Northh Medical Benefits Cardiology
Northh Medical Helping Hands

Help parents-to-be cope with the enormous level of emotional stress they are facing.

Northh Medical Fetal Smart Sync

Experience a brand-new kind of image quality answering diagnostic questions related to the fetal heart and - as a result - reducing uncertainty, allowing everyone to understand what's happening: You, the parents as well as the whole team.

Northh Medical Cardiac MRI

Empower yourself: Performing fetal CMR will broaden your knowledge on CHD for a next-level understanding of the disease.

Northh Medical Benefits Radiology
Northh Medical Heart MRI

Master instant and high-quality prenatal MRI: smart-sync unlocks state-of-the-art MR sequences for the fetal heart, ensuring high-quality imaging and leading to greater diagnostic confidence.

Northh Medical Heartbeat

Broaden your buiness by offering an entire mapping of the fetus including its heart and close a portfolio gap which has lasted too long.

Northh Medical MRI

"The direct gating with ultrasound will be a game-changer for the clinical use of fetal cardiac MRI"
Michael Seed, Division Head Cardiology, sick Kids Hospital Toronto


Convince yourself of the vast possibilities

From 4-chamber-view over short-axis-stack to dynamic 4D-flow, all the cardiac sequences you know from MRI can be applied to the fetal heart.


If your staff are familiar with adult or pediatric cardiac MRI, there is no additional training required to use smart-sync successfully from the first scan on. Slight adaptations for the fetus can be done by yourself or you can use the Exam Cards we provide.


You can download them here:

smart-sync enabled MR Image of a fetal heart

Case Picture Anchor
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smart-sync fetal heartbeat detection

Headphones provide acoustic feedback for convenient localization of the heart

MR Safe cable ensures compatibility with 1.5T & 3.0T MR systems

Transducer detects fetal heartbeat. It is artefact-free and built with wings for easy fastening

Unboxing smart-sync

Sensor Box communicates trigger signal wirelessly to MR scanner

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