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Fetal Cardiac MRI

Do you want to know what is new in the world of fetal cardiac MRI?

Then check out this page and learn about the latest insight and the newest possibilities with fetal cardiac gating.

Reference Sites

Fetal cardiac MR is rapidly increasing worldwide. Here you can find an overview of which centers do already perform fetal CMR with Doppler Ultrasound gating.

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Let us know if you wish to receive contact data from our reference sites.

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Recent Publications

Fetal cardiac MRI is rapidly increasing worldwide and so does the research around fetal cardiac MRI. Here you can find the latest publications in the field of fetal cardiac MRI.

Fetal Cardiac MRI 
Interrupted Aortic Arch 

T. M. Vollbrecht et al.

Images in Radiology


Feasibility of Non-Gated Dynamic 
Fetal Cardiac MRI for Identification of Fetal Cardiovascular Anatomy

J. Geiger et al.

Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy


Four-Dimensional Fetal Cardiac Imaging
in a cohort of 
Fetuses with
suspected Congenital Heart Disease

N. C. Rubert et al.

Pediatric Radiology


Fetal Cardiac Cine MRI with

Doppler US Gating in

Complex Congenital Heart Disease

T. M. Vollbrecht et al.

Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging


Comment: Fetal Cardiac MRI:

Doppler US-gated Cine Imaging in Complex Congenital Heart Disease

D. M. Biko, M. A. Fogel

Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging


Fetal 4D flow MRI of the great thoracic vessels

at 3 Tesla using Doppler-ultrasound gating:

a feasibility study

J. Knapp et al.

European Radiology


Fetal 3D cardiovascular cine

image acquisition using radial

sampling and compressed sensing

M. Piek et al.

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine


Super-Resolution Cine
Image Enhancement for Fetal Cardiac Magnetic 
Resonance Imaging

K. Berggren et al.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Fetal Cardiovascular MRI - A Systemic Review of the Literature: Challenges, New Technical Developments, and Perspectives

J. Knapp et al.



Utility of Fetal Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance for Prenatal Diagnosis of

Complex Congenital Heart Defects

D. Ryd et al.

JAMA Network Open


Fetal Cardiac MRI:

A Review of Technical


C. W. Roy et al.

Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Physiological Fetal Cardiac Anatomy

Pathological Fetal CHD