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Cardiac MRI Gating

Fetal Cardiac MRI Gating with
Doppler Ultrasound

With smart-sync the fetal heart appears in a whole new perspective through dynamic MRI.

By using doppler-ultrasound, smart-sync detects the fetal heartbeat and synchronizes it wirelessly with the MR System, enabling a brand-new kind of image quality for the fetal heart.

smart-sync empowers you with greater diagnostic confidence and state-of-the-art parental counseling by providing valuable information for your diagnosis and allowing the parents to understand what’s happening.

Adult Cardiac MRI Gating

Performing cardiac gating with an electrocardiogram can be challenging: In high fields like 3T, you will notice difficulties with cardiac synchronization due to the magneto hydrodynamic effect.


When tight schedules and delays during the MR scan clash, the impact on your clinical routine is unforgiving.


smart-sync is not disturbed by the magnetic field, allowing you to perform MR scans according to your personal timing.


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