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MRI Images of the Fetal Heart

Children's Fetal Cardiology Symposium

You can find Northh Medical at the 12th Annual phoenix children's Fetal Cardioogy Symposium

Hamburg meets Phoenix. This month the Phoenix Children's Hospital hosted a special event with expert in fetal cardiology and radiology. One of them being Luis Goncalves - he gae a talk on State of the Art Imaging with Fetal CMR - aka fetal smart-sync.

"I have dedicated my career to Fetal Imaging since 1990. I have decided to expand my horizons in imaging by doing an additional residency in Radiology and a fellowship in Pediatric Radiology. I currently practice both Pediatric Radiology and Feral Imaging at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It is a rewarding combination, as It allows great interdisciplinary camaraderie and continuity of care! Love it! A lot to learn every day!"

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